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Pro Health USA, Inc. will analyze your group health insurance plans and employee benefit plans as compared to available insurance alternatives, and assure a cost-efficient program with maximum benefits to attract and retain employees.

Pro Health USA, Inc. is a leading South Florida insurance and Employee Benefit Consulting company that offers group health insurance wholesale, thereby saving companies thousands of dollars in premium cost. If your company or organization has a minimum of 10 full-time employees, Pro Health may be able to significantly decrease your annual group insurance premium.
In addition to group health insurance, Pro Health also specializes in designing customized supplementary benefit plans which minimize costs and maximize benefits. Supplementary employee paid plans can include life, disability, annuities and critical illness insurance, as well as payroll deduction.

Have you had a comparison of the major competitors in this area? Pro Health can give you a free comparison report of the most competitive priced popular plans from major insurers, including, but not limited to, Allstate, Colonial, AFLAC, Prudential, and Metropolitan. Therefore, you can be assured you are offering your valued employees the best comprehensive benefits package.


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