Supplemental Insurance Plans

Supplemental insurance plans, also referred to as voluntary or payroll deduction plans. Plans include disability, life, accident, cancer, critical illness and hospital supplement.  Supplemental plans are highly utilized by employers for two very good reasons as stated below.

1.         There is no cost to the employer, the employee pays the premium through payroll deduction. Supplemental plans fill a valuable need in an employer’s benefit offering without the employer paying for another insurance plan.  Employers may make money through tax savings (section 125 plan) by allowing employees to have deductions made pre-tax for qualifying plans.

2.         Employees greatly value these plans as evidenced by the high employee participation which may reach 60% of eligible employees! Insurance agents typically do not make in home visits anymore and payroll deduction plans give the employee the ability to pick and choose benefits that fit their needs and also offer a great convenience through payroll deduction.

Pro Health, through our client base, has thousands of employees participating in payroll deduction plans. We have over 25 years of successful experience and the staff to make an enrollment process easy for the employer and educational for the employee. Our benefit counselors assist the employee with benefit selections and are available to help with claim issues.


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